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Monday, May 4, 2020

How to Unwind!!!

     I love new ideas that promote self-care. Boy have I found one that is definitely relaxing and changes the atmosphere in my home. My home is my sanctuary and my dwelling place. I love things that help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  One day I was shopping at one of my favorite shops/boutiques, Wild Child LLC.  The owner had these pretty, wonderful-smelling candles.  That's when I realized that the candles were made by my cousin. Anyway, I bought a small one and its fragrance filled my entire den. Okay, no plugin or candle warmer or any other contraption has done that.  So, I hadn't bought any in a while and I bought some plugins and candle warmers. They weren't filling my living areas with the fragrance that the other candles had done.
So today, I went out and bought two of the large candles at the shop I had gone before. The yellow one is Cheesecake and the green one is called Pleasure Types.  These are Nancy's Natural Candles and they smell delicious!!!!  To learn more go to:  Nancy's Natural Candles

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