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Friday, March 13, 2020

2 Reasons why you should wear Foundation?

  Foundation defends your skin from environmental stressors. Pollution, UV radiation, dust and air  are some environmental factors that can negatively impact the look of your skin.  These factors can cause premature aging. Exposure to solar radiation causes damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids and reduces antioxidant levels in the skin.

     Pigments and other light reflecting ingredients in foundation can act like a physical blocker and give some added protection to the skin. This is the  protection you need to offset premature aging. Not only that, it can give you an added boost of confidence because, you will look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Here's a link to a foundation finder: https://www.marykay.com/hsouzey/en-us/tips-and-trends/beauty-extras/discover-more/timewise-3d-foundations


  1. I am 39 and I have started to wear a light foundation regularly now, my skin feels fine and I have been getting more compliments.

    1. That's nice to hear Sarah!!! I'm 40 and I just started using foundation last year. I love the added protection as well.


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