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Sunday, March 22, 2020

How I Learned to Love my Natural Hair!

    Well it all started when I became pregnant with my 2nd child who happened to be a girl. I wanted her to know that her skin and her hair are both beautiful just the way they are. Now how was I going to convince her if my hair is chemically straightened or hemmed with a full sew-in weave.  I had difficulty with my own hair in so many ways.  Any way after I had her, I decided to do the BIG CHOP. It was cute for a while but I had no idea how to take care of my hair naturally. Honestly, I used the wrong hair products which made things harder. So after a few months to a year I went back to relaxers.   It was great because it made my hair manageable but honestly it left me with the same look I've always had for the past decade. So just last year, I felt I needed a makeover.

The Makeover
  First, I went to a wig shop and the clerk convinced me into buying a pretty wig. It was ombre with blond/brown highlights. It was gorgeous and took my look up 10 notches.  Oh, did I get compliments but it wasn't really me. By April I was about to pass out with that gorgeous wig because, I live in the south with humid, high, hot temperatures.  So I went home took out my shears and cut my hair down to the new growth.  Suprisingly I loved it!  That's when I realized my hair type: curly. So I started using natural curling creams and that wig has been history ever since. I love my natural curl and my natural jet black color.

The Opposition
    I didn't know that my true hair would cause melodrama.  I got several compliments but also questions about my race and my sanity. I got compliments like, "It's a good thing you have cute hair." Or "What are you?" or "You must have multiple races in your family." At the end of the day their questions and opinions did matter. What matters is that I learned to love me for me.

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